How to stop hiccups

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Hiccups are very common and at most does not require any treatment at all. One cannot even predict about hiccups because it can occur whenever it wants. There are basically two kind of hiccups and both have different risk factors.

  • Short term hiccups

There is no scientific reaosn behind short term bouts of hiccups. They may appear for short time and after you have had cold water it dissappears. Still there are some proposed caused for this kind of a hiccup which includes:

  1. Drinking frizzy drinks
  2. Eating too qucikly
  3. Eating spicy food
  4. Change in environment
  5. Or Stress


In short term medication no treatment is required.

  • Long term hiccups

They may continue for at least 2 to 3 days. There acn be many reasons behind this type and one of the major reasons is when you diaphragm contracts involuntry. It tightens the passage and in turn causes the hiccups.Long term hiccups are also associated with some of the below mentioned medical conditions which include:

  1. Asthma
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Diabetes
  4. Stroke etc

Long term hiccups amy be associated with certain kind of medications. These includes:

  1. Anti-cancerous drugs
  2. Anti-asthmatic drugs
  3. Sleeping pills
  4. NSAIDs
  5. Steroids

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Serious problem arises when hiccups does not stop for about 48 hours. It is the time to start worrying about your hiccups. Well under such condition you can go for home remedies which are:

  1. Drink cold water
  2. Eat somehting sweet
  3. Sip hot and spicy sauce
  4. Look up
  5. Hold you breath thorugh your nostrils for few seconds
  6. Pull your ears


These are some of the renowned ways to treat hiccups at home. If still it does not work then see medical advice. Some of the common medicines prescribed for hiccups are as follows:

  1. Gabapentin
  2. Metoclopramide
  3. Haloperidol
  4. Baclofen


Take these medicines as prescribed by the doctor and you will sure notice a relieve in your hiccup frequency.

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