Know more about symptoms and diagnosis of Zika virus

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The mosquito family has been successful in infecting humans with another deadly virus which is called as “Zika Virus”. This virus is caused by the mosquitoes but the species this times differs. Zika is caused by Aedes species. The firs case of this virus was reported back in 1947 in the forest of Uganda called as Zika since then it is named after this forest. This virus is spreading all over the globe like a fire and still no medicine has been discovered.

Mode of transmission

Mode of transmission is same as that of malaria. Well in other words we can say that malaria and Zika virus belongs to the same family or maybe they are close rleatives as they have much in common.


Symptoms of Zika Virus

At times many people are just unaware that they have been attacked by adeses because the symptoms of this virus are very common that usually it gets unoticed. some of the common symptoms effects inlcude:

  • Rashes
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Red eyes


These are the similar symtpoms as that of malaria. These symptoms lasts for a wekk or two but if you do not take mediciaiton on time then these symptoms will worsen up leading to even severe problems.

Propylactic treatment

If you are travelling to a place where the incidence of zika virus has already been reported then it is advised to take preventive measures. Use the medicines that are used for malaria:

  • Primaquin
  • Chloroquine
  • Hydroquine
  • NSAIDs


So far no separate medication is available for zika virus but the medicines used in malaria are often given to such patients.

Preventive measures

  • Cover your whole body with mosquito repellent
  • Do not travel to such areas if you have small children or if you are pregnant
  • Do not drink water that is kept in open vessel
  • Do not roam around in open area at night

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