How to combat stress and depression?

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Are you suffering from severe despondency and dejection, accompanied from hopelessness and inadequacy? You feel mental commotion, usually with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration and interest in life. And you need help to combat it? Don’t worry it can be relieved with small and simple measures.

Tips to relieve stress and depression.

You need to meditate. Don’t think that meditation is just twisting your body into a sitting position. Any repetitive activity is considered meditation. It even include walking, swimming, knitting, painting or any activity that makes you focus calmly.

  • Breathing 

Breathing is very important. Taking deep breaths when you feel stressed can relieve your negative energy. Take  5 minute break and only concentrate on breathing as relaxation starts with concentration on breathing. Also, get active. Physical activities help relieve the stress.

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  • Communicate

In addition to that, you also need to communicate. Get out talking with your family, friends and neighbors when you are stressed. Social communication will help relieve our stress. It creates distractions, enriches your knowledge and teaches you what is right and wrong. So, this way your stress will soon disappear.

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  • Yoga

Yoga, is also considered a stress reliever. The disciplines you follow when you do yoga help you manage stress. Get adequate sleep. Sleeping helps your brain and body recharge so you should sleep well and enough. When you feel stressed eat right. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables; eat fish containing omega 3 and fatty acid, as they can reduce stress signs.

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  • Walking/Jogging

Moreover, walking alone or going for a jog without thinking about anything is a good way to relieve stress. Last but not the least, having positive thoughts are very important to avoid overthinking that leads to stress and depression. Positive thoughts release positive chemicals through the body. Negative thoughts produce more anxiety which starts the cycle all over again. So start changing your thinking from negative to positive by controlling your ruminating thoughts.

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