Hyperventilation Syndrome

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Hyperventilation Syndrome is often because of severe anxiety. Severe anxiety causes your heart to skip beats or speed up, you feel light, your hands begin to sweat, you face problem in breathing and you feel your energy level dropping. This syndrome leads to many significant physical symptoms that is the reason it needs to be controlled to combat your anxiety.

While anxiety leads to hyperventilation, hyperventilation causes worst symptoms of anxiety. It’s there in those people who frequently have panic or anxiety attack. It literally causes a person to over-breathe and occurs in many ways.

Most Common Ways to Hyperventilate:

Breathing too fast is one of the most common ways to hyperventilate. During the period of intense anxiety, the body goes into flight mode and one starts breathing quickly as it prepares to flee. Also, when you start to think about your breathing you start to feel the need to breathe more even though it is not required and this as well leads to hyperventilation. Finally, excessive deep breaths, yawns and breathing in too quickly when you are nervous can also cause hyperventilation.

How Hyperventilating works, Hyperventilating

How to Prevent  from Hyperventilation Syndrome?

It is caused by and causes panic attacks, so if you can stop what leads to hyperventilating, then you can possibly prevent panic attacks and hyperventilation Syndrome altogether. You need to slow down your breathing drastically. Take breaths that last as long as 12 seconds. This will balance your carbon dioxide levels. Walking also provides help. It increases carbon dioxide and improves breathing cycle. In addition to that, tight clothing and a bad posture can cause hyperventilating too. So, fix them too for relief. Lastly, mental distraction is important. If you notice you have started to hyperventilate, you immediately need to shift your attention to something in surrounding to control the extent of hyperventilation Syndrome.

Symptoms, Treatment, Hyperventilation, Symptoms and Treatment of Hyperventilation
Symptoms and Treatment of Hyperventilation

In short, cure your anxiety and as soon as it goes your hyperventilation will also go.

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