Smoothies for optimum health

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Smoothie blends in summers is everybody’s favorite. Smoothie is a basically smooth, thick drink made with fresh or canned fruits, milk, yogurt or cream. Smoothies are rich in protein and boost your immune system. They are also said to be magical drinks and a treat with a refreshing twist to every party. Also, they are also great for those who are on the diet.

  • Banana ginger smoothie

There are various kinds of smoothies. But few are of many benefits. For example Banana ginger drink is said to be good for heartburn. It helps in the digestion, nausea and for an upset stomach. It can be made easily. All you need is bananas, slices of ginger, honey and vanilla yogurt. Combine all the ingredients in the smoothie maker and blend them until they are smooth.

banana ginger smoothie

  • Orange dream creamsicle

You can also make orange dream creamsicle. It can do wonders after workout or after having a long tiring day. It is very refreshing and a low calorie, citrus filled drink. All you need to have is few oranges peeled, fat free yogurt, frozen orange concentrate, vanilla extract and ice-cubes. Add everything is the smoothie blender and give it a quick blend. Let it process until smooth.

healthy, smoothie, yogurt,delicious

  • Blueberry, green tea and banana smoothie

In addition to that, blueberry, green tea and banana smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse. You need a small amount of water, one green tea bag, 2-3 tablespoon honey, frozen berries, mashed bananas and light soy milk. First, microwave the water, when hot add a tea bag and let it brew for few minutes. Remove tea bag and then add honey to it and mix well. Choose a blender with ice crushing abilities. First add berries, bananas and soy milk and blend them well. Then add tea to this blend. In the end add ice and crush. You need to pour this smoothie into tall glass.

healthy, smoothie, yogurt,delicious

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