Harris healthcare system-Where health meets primary care

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Harris healthcare system main focus is to deliver primary care. It focuses on wellness and prevention services of the residents of Harris Country, Texas. It has a widespread network of 38 inpatient and outpatient facilities. This system has basically hospitals connected to primary care clinics. It also trains the next generation of health professionals. It’s also regarded as the best public health systems because it provides the best medical treatment and quality patient care.

Insight about harris healthcare system


The doctors and its faculty are well trained and connected to its patients and technology. Its faculty has well trained physicians and has numerous residents from nationally ranked medical schools that include Baylor College of medicine and the university of Texas health science center at Houston.

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The Harris system master in providing the following services:

  • Hospitality services
  • Outreach services
  • Pharmacy services

Hospitality service

Every person that enters the hospital is not considered as a patient rather he or she is treated as a guest. The whole staff treats him like a family member and provides him the services in the best possible way.

Outreach service

This system also provides the outreach services to its patients and only this but the staff also counsels the patients that how they can improve the quality of their life.

Pharmacy service

Total of 16 outpatient pharmacies are working under the Harris HealthCare system. Only those prescriptions are entertained that are written by the physicians working in this system. The clinical pharmacists recheck them and then issue the prescribed medicine. The counseling is also done that improves the patient compliance.

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Harris health system main focus is to help you keep a healthy mind and body. Also, wide range of services like adult weight management, mental and behavioral health and other services such as primary care, same day clinics, specialty care, hospitals and emergency care are provided by it.

It also takes pride in its centers of excellence which includes woman and infant services, cancer care, cardiology, community medicine, geriatric medicine, HIV/AIDS care, insomnia, trauma and stroke care.

Harris health care faculty, Harris healthcare, Harris healthcare system

These centers of excellence are staffed by a team of best and well-trained physicians, nurses and practitioners who are undergoing training in their medical or surgical areas.

Awards and distinctions

Harris healthcare system is best in the country and the prove is that it has won for the second time in a row the most noble award which is Lifeline Gold Plus Receiving Center award. The award is given because Harris health care is among the top to provide the prompt treatment for myocardial infarction cases. The Bin Taub hospital is equipped with some of the latest machinery that can treat the cause instantly.

Harris health care faculty, Harris healthcare, Harris healthcare system


The health of the community is their first priority and they put this belief in practice every day. The staff promises to provide high-quality healthcare by highly trained and knowledgeable staff. They also provide friendly, courteous and quick service. They have a clean, comfortable and safe environment. The setting is based on the patients’ needs and requirements.

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