Castlight health care system’s aims and goals

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To provide quality healthcare services is the primary goal or mission of cast light health system. Castlight health is a healthcare information company based in San Francisco. It was founded in 2008. This company provides enterprise healthcare technology. This basically means employees can compare healthcare providers across a variety of places to optimize pricing and quality.

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History of castlight health

The history of castlight health is very touchy. This healthcare came into inception when the mother of doctor Giovanni passed away and after that providing the primary care to the patients became the major issue.

This platform is licensed. Business to business based subscription model has licensed this platform. Those employees who have purchased subscriptions can and have access to the platform.  For the commercial members, anthem blue cross will provide with cast light’s core transparency. It also helps and facilitates the employees to make better health care decisions and they can also their benefit the programs.

castlight, cslt, castlight health, castlight healthcare,

The key founder of this company is Giovanni Colella, MD Co-Founder and CEO. And the slogan of this platform is cure healthcare, build businesses. This has helped to hire the best physicians, doctors, economists, engineers, product developers and doctors in the company. And has improved customer’s and company’s businesses, lives of the Americans health care system.

Team members

Castlight health care system was the idea of one person but it came into existence because of the effort of many people. The team members are very competent and have worked day and night for the prosperity of this health care system. John Doyle is the COO and president whereas, Neeraj Gupta is the senior vice president of the engineering department.

castlight, cslt, castlight health, castlight healthcare,


Castlight health system is integrated with 50 health and wellness benefit programs and has a single sign-on integration so that employees have a very simple and easy way of dealing with their health and wellbeing needs.


This platform has a very personalized experience across web and mobile. This way customers and employees can easily make healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

Contributions to research

Cast light has collaborated with many research companies and outside parties in regards to health care and health issues. The patients who cannot pay easily have a transparency application to research healthcare prices and then they can pay less for those services like 13% and 14% less for advanced imaging and laboratory tests. Also, the hygiene conditions of the hospital have been ranked among the top hand hygiene self-practice.

Behavioral health

The aim is to minimize the risks associated with the employees thus making them to work efficiently and by increasing the productivity through the best behavioral health services and to counsel them about the treatment plan.

castlight, cslt, castlight health, castlight healthcare,

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